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nate weesner, barstool salesman


Nate is a jack-of-all-trades in the truest form. He's a handy guy to have around when you're in need of some home repairs, a skilled green thumb, or a creatively engineered vehicle.

His professional employment days were far from vending shirts. Nate started as a mechanic, a metal fabricator, and a coal miner! One day, he woke up with a killer sore back and a bright idea: helping out the old man back home. So he packed up his home in the mountain state and moved back to the good life.

He's been an integral part of getting the job done at Adwood over the past few years. He's the man behind the wheel, on and off-the-clock!

Those off-the-clock activities include a heck of a lot of Enduro racing, building anything he can get his hands on, and growing every veggie under the sun.

It has been said that he's our barstool salesman, all you'll need is one conversation and he'll get you everything your heart desires!


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