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megan miller, owner's-right-hand-(wo)man


Megan spent her first years out in good ole' western Nebraska. From Sidney, she could see the twinkling lights of Lincoln, and came to the conclusion that she needed to hop across the state for some secondary education.

When Bill got the itch to start up a company of his own,
he knew he had to take Megan with him! He baited the Adwood hook, and she's been with them since day one.

At Adwood, she spends her days babysitting the salesman and putting out fires! She's the go-to-gal for ordering, and the cheery voice at the other end of the phone line. Any and every question you need an answer too, she's got it, she knows the industry like the back of her hand.

On her days off (HA!) you catch her jamming out to some 80s rock or enjoying a good football game.

She's a girl with a goal and she gets things done, no matter what it takes!


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1920 sw 6th street; suite a

lincoln, ne 68522

toll free: 800.711.7166

local: 402.435.5222

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